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Naleo, is a wholesaler of branded clothing, footwear and accessories from the world’s biggest brands.

  • A quality only.
  • The customer chooses the colors and sizes of the products himself.
  • Each product comes with a guarantee.
  • Delivery of goods to many countries around the world.

Premium quality products

Since 2004, we have been supplying original premium products to the Polish and foreign markets. A wide and selected range and competitive prices are our key differentiators. We focus on the highest quality products and keep a close eye on trends to always boast the best offerings on the market. Original brand-name clothing at Naleo wholesale, is at the same time clothing signed with the logos of the world’s biggest brands, as well as a solid investment. Branded clothing does not lose its value and can significantly affect the market position of the store.

Wholesale branded clothing Naleo.pl

We operate both stationary and online to always respond to the diverse needs of customers. We provide a convenient and intuitive selection of premium brand products and constantly replenish the wholesale assortment. Branded clothing is invariably offered at attractive prices, taking into account numerous promotional campaigns.

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