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Pinko clothing wholesale

Pinko clothing – Naleo wholesale

We offer wholesale quantities of products from the well-known Italian brand Pinko, which operates all over the world and is one of the most famous premium brands. The range of clothing we have includes mainly dresses and elegant jackets, but also shirts, blouses, tops, sweaters, jackets, outerwear, trousers, skirts, bathing suits and underwear. Pinko is a brand created typically for women and offers only women’s fashion. As for the Pinko brand, the wholesaler offers free courier transport for the entire range of clothing throughout Poland. We only work with B2B companies, preparing wholesale business offers for stationary and online stores and boutiques. It is enough that you run a business. The Pinko wholesale store is primarily the highest quality clothing, imported from abroad (one hundred percent original) in various sizes and styles.

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Pinko shoes – Naleo wholesale

As for Pinko wholesale, it also includes all kinds of footwear. The brand is associated mainly with women’s fashion in terms of handbags and clothing, but the offer of elegant shoes is very wide. Our assortment includes a wide range of shoe models in various sizes. These are mainly output shoes such as high heels. They are made of the best materials and designed by the best designers, thanks to which they combine the highest class with wearing comfort. Despite the popularity of this brand in the world, there are not many distributors of this brand’s products in Poland, so buying wholesale at attractive prices can often be a problem. We offer affordable prices for online and stationary stores for wholesale purchases along with free courier delivery to any place in the country – both when it comes to footwear as well as clothing and accessories of this brand.

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Pinko accessories – Naleo wholesale

In addition to clothing and footwear, we offer wholesale quantities of all accessories. The Italian brand Pinko is famous primarily for its beautiful lines of handbags in various colors. In addition to handbags and accessories, we import other types of leather goods, but also hats, scarves, belts and bags. A relatively new product in this brand’s offer is the leather case for headphones, which has been well received on the market, which is why we also import this product. An interesting idea is also the elegant pinko bandanas available in several colors. Many companies struggle with the problem of where to get Pinko wholesale from, as there are not many companies that import these products in bulk from original suppliers. On the market you can often find counterfeit goods made of poor-quality materials. Serious stores and boutiques cannot afford to sell this type of clothing and accessories, so we invite you to cooperate with Naleo – we only import original products that are marked with the manufacturer’s logo and made of the highest quality materials.

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