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Karl Lagerfeld clothing wholesaler

Karl Lagerfeld clothing – Naleo wholesaler

Karl Lagerfeld brands do not need to be introduced to anyone, because it is one of the most popular premium brands in the world founded by a German with the same name and surname as the Brand name. It is so popular mainly because of the easy availability of products, even in well-known, popular chain stores.

We offer wholesale quantities of Karl Lagerfeld clothing. They are both sweatshirts, T-shirts, jackets, trousers and jackets. All types of clothing are available in a wide range of colors and sizes. The Karl Lagerfeld brand, compared to other premium brands, offers clothes for both women and men. There are also children’s collections. The Karl Lagerfeld warehouse is first of all an opportunity to obtain an attractive price offer. We work with all stationary and online stores. To start cooperation with us, it is enough that you run a business. Due to the characteristics of wholesale and price attractiveness, we do not conduct retail sales to devote our time to business customers. When it comes to the wholesale of Karl Lagerfeld, most of the companies importing this brand mainly deal with clothing – our offer also includes footwear and accessories.

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Karl Lagerfeld footwear – Naleo wholesaler

As for the Karl Lagerfeld brand, Naleo wholesaler offers not only clothing, but also various types of footwear. We sell wholesale quantities of everyday shoes – sneakers – both for men and women. We offer many different models available in a wide range of colors and sizes. We also have an offer of winter and autumn shoes for women and men.

Our Karl Lagerfeld products are imported from official footwear manufacturers. Their certification guarantees the originality of the products and the execution of only the best quality materials. It is especially important that the brand is popular and many counterfeit products come from Eastern Europe and Asia, whose quality of workmanship and materials leave much to be desired.

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Karl Lagerfeld accessories – Naleo wholesaler

When it comes to the Karl Lagerfeld brand, we also buy wholesale for all accessories. These are all kinds of belts, handbags, vanity cases and sunglasses. Electronics accessories are a novelty in the offer of premium brands in which the Karl Lagerfeld brand is included. You can buy a case for various phone models and for wireless headphones (e.g. for airpods from Apple). The brand’s assortment also includes hats, caps and various types of jewelry. The wholesale Karl Lagerfeld is primarily a great price offer for the accessories. All the products we import, including accessories, are 100% original and made of the highest quality materials. Especially in the case of accessories, it is important because the market for counterfeit products is huge. They are characterized by much worse workmanship and fitting. Those from the east can also often be harmful to health, so it’s worth trusting us – a wholesaler of original clothing, footwear and accessories of the Karl Lagerfeld brand.

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